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26th May, 2009

From the Upside Down World

I've just read this brilliant article from Bradley Burston.
I rather like the idea of Adam being a "polite, generous, fearsomely gifted deviant".
I've been reading Adam's brother's blog. It's really rather amusing. Everyone was telling him how amazing it was that he was Adam's brother. He wasn't so convinced (which one of us ever bows down in admiration to a sibling? I mean... hello?). So, anyway, he decides to test out his "association" fame and when pulled over by a cop who asks "are you..?", Neil chips in "yeah, I am, I'm Adam Lambert's brother". At which point he's arrested and breathalised cus the question would have been "are you drunk?". He tells it better than me. But it made me chuckle.
We saw the sun today. Yey. Snow on the mountains. Truely the beginning of winter. Don't go there. May? It's so seriously wrong.

25th May, 2009

My Bad?

This is bad, isn't it? A year without a post... Hmm. I will chastise myself quietly. As I'm fairly sure I've lost all my friends, due to my silence, no one will hear me scream anyway.
So, NZ hey? Apparently there's a conspiracy of silence about emigrating to NZ - you're not allowed to disagree with the view that it's God's Zone and all is happy la la in the land of Kiwis. So, I'll go along with the fiction, if only to avoid flames. I'm a coward, so sue me.
But onto more interesting things. Like Adam Lambert... My new obsession. If you don't know who he is, see picture. If you do, see picture anyway and lust.

I've been going over my site and finding that most of my embedded YouTube links have been disabled. Well, Adam lost American Idol and after that nothing, even having all my links disabled, can dismay me more. Sigh. Some of them are still working, so please enjoy them.
I'm still reading fanfiction, although why I bother sometimes when so much of it is CRAP I don't know. Am I writing? Well... sort of. I have started a Torchwood fic, which I'm enjoying. But, trust me, NZ is just not inspiring me to write (and that must be the BEST excuse anyone with writer's block has ever come up with - a whole country is stopping me writing). This is this most un-gay, un-slash place I've ever been - and, hey, I spent 22 years in the military, so I know of what I speak.
So, missing friends, missing slash, missing life, wishing I was somewhere else yet again.
I'll go back to avidly surfing for anything about Adam cus that is so much better than RL.

10th May, 2008


I'm posting this from New Zealand. We've been without the internet for over three weeks which, to be honest, has been the hardest thing of all of the emigration process (well, okay, discovering there is no central heating in NZ was a bit of a shock too ).

I shall be up and running with new vids and stories links soon.

8th Apr, 2008

6 months!

It's six months since I last posted, but it only feels like yesterday. Time is clearly still playing tricks on me. I'm six days from leaving England forever. We fly to New Zealand next week. I've given up my job, we're moving out of our house on Friday, kids came out of school at Easter.


So, some welcome news was very welcome indeed - my favourite vidder is back up and running under a new name Leensvidz. Yey!

One of my main reasons for emigrating was to have some more time in my life. I have this vision of sitting watching the ocean and writing, keeping up my site and my LJ....

We have to have dreams.

So, apologies to everyone who has befriended me over the last 6 months and had no reply. It's been a crazy, crazy time.

10th Oct, 2007

More Oz

Many thanks to trillingstar who put me onto the brilliant vidder Colleendetroit. She's an avid Oz fan, which shows in the beauty and respect of her vids. I love this one - the music is new to me (yeah, I'm one of the great music illiterates) but fits the edits perfectly. Great stuff.


19th Sep, 2007


Where is the time going? Does this happen to everyone? That feeling that everything is speeding up and there's no time in the day to just take a moment. I'm hardly having time to watch anything interesting, or read much. Something needs to change. Anyway... I have just finished the first season of Numb3rs. It was good. Watchable and well written but not... gripping. I didn't really feel the brother thing. Besides the fact that physically they appeared to have come from different parents, they were emotionally distant. Very much in contrast with the brothers in Prison Break who are very believable. Speaking of which, I have S3 Ep1 to watch tonight. I'm hoping for considerable hurt and comfort.

I'm reading Children of God by Mary Doria Russell, which is the sequel to her book The Sparrow about a Jesuit mission to the first discovered new-life planet. Both books are an amazing read and I highly recommend them to anyone into thoughtful novels about faith and different cultures. It's not science fiction, despite being categorised as that (nothing technical mentioned). I was intrigued by the structure of the plot - the priest Emilio Sandoz returns from the mission to the new planet broken emotionally and physically - he was found with tortured hands working as a whore. Or so the rescue mission think. What actually happened to him is slowly revealed in this quite an astonishing book. The sequel is even better. Russell is a paleontologist. The thoughtful way she creates the new species on Rakhat is fascinating.

The weather has definitely turned here now. It's Autumn. I love Autumn.

26th Aug, 2007

Summer Over

I'm back from summer leave and Autumn has already begun to show in the trees around the house. Autumn is my favourite month, despite a kind wistful melancholy which always creeps up on me when I smell the first wood smoke. I'm reading The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. I don't quite know what to make of it, but I'm utterly hooked by the slow reveal of horror.

Watched Master and Commander last night. Dear God, more men that so desperately need slashing.

30th Jul, 2007


One of the Oz vids I've posted uses this song by Evanecence. I think the lyrics are even better for this one. I like this because it shows how powerful the love between the brothers is even if you don't look for anything more.

In This Together

I've learnt a new term: Petrellicest. Cute huh? This one has perfect lyrics for Peter and Nathan and she really illustrates them with her editing - cutting between scenes where the brothers are estranged to ones where they make up.


Well almost. Four and a half days to do and I'll be on official holiday where I can do nothing and not have to pretend as opposed to my unofficial holidays at work where I pretend to be doing very serious things on the computer whilst surfing Youtube. But it's productive surfing. I found a great Heroes Peter/Nathan vid today. And I almost didn't watch it because it had one of those "places you don't want to go as a fanfic writer" things about it. You know the things I mean: Mpreg, Spike feeding orphaned kittens, anything do to with marriage. It had Wings Beneath My Wings as its music. Yeah, I know, shudder time (whilst secretly humming in your head now, I bet). But this is a bit of a raunchy version I'd not heard and the Nathan/Peter relationship so fits the lyrics you just have to watch.

Milo Ventimiglia has that sort of gut-lurching beauty that catches you unawares - just a certain glance, perhaps a fall of hair and there you go... smitten. Of course, playing such a beautiful person helps. Good souls shine through and all that....

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